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Mathews Archery


Welcome Mathews Archery to Boneyard Archery!!! We are now Proud Dealers!


Welcome to Boneyard Archery!


With our interactive archery, you can be provided with safe and ethical hunting practices.  Built in a game interface this activity is both fun and challenging for all ages.  And best of all you even get to shoot with your own bow!


We offer full archery services complete with indoor, outdoor and virtual ranges.  If you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, we have something for everyone!


We have opportunities for all ages to learn or improve their current archery abilities.  Additionally, we can set your bow to its optimum performance based on your individual needs.


Boneyard Archery offers full sales, retail and services for your archery needs.  We have the best selection and customer service and are ready to help you get on target!


Walk in or reserve a space ahead of time.  Simply click here to login to the calendar to set it up today.


From trophies to custom bows, check these out!

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Tue-Wed: 4pm-9pm

Thu-Fri: 11am-9pm

Sat: 9am-9pm

Sun: 1pm – 7pm

5 days ago

I would like to give a big shout out to Sandy Brady for the most beautiful and awesome trophies!!!! If nobody has told you they love you today we do!!!!

6 days ago

All my Spot League People
You are invited to dinner and awards this Saturday Night at 7:00 at Boneyard. We look forward to seeing you all there! Please come and enjoy! I apologize for the late ... See more

1 week ago

Spot League
That’s a rap!!!!
Congratulations to all!!!

2 weeks ago

Spot Scores for week 9
Sorry for the delay

3 weeks ago

Spot League Scores!!!
Getting Close.... 2 weeks left!

1 month ago

Spot League Scores!
Great Shooting!

1 month ago

Spot League Scores
Week 6
See you soon!

1 month ago

Spot League Scores
Great Shooting!!!
See you soon!

2 months ago

Spot League
These are the scores I have so far
Great shooting!

2 months ago

Scores for the first week of League Shooting!
Good job! See you all next week!

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What Our Customers Say

Hands down best in the business. Jonathan will treat your bow like its his own! He cares about you being successful above all. He takes pride in accurate bow tuning and takes the time to do it right. Don't forget to tip your bowtenders!
Will Berry
I have been in and around archery shops for a couple decades in a couple of different states and my great friend Jonathan Brown is by far the best I have seen, Period!!!! #BoneyardArchery is live baby!
Derek Stromain
I've been bow hunting for over 35 years. Jonathan Brown is the best in the archery business I've came across yet!! Jonathan is a perfectionist!!
Kimmy Hanks
Can't say enough about Jonathan Brown fixing my bow up and letting me borrow a sight until mine comes in. I've worked retail and this type of service reminds me of the way I did things. Can't thank you enough brother! You're a great man and I can't wait for your shop to open and support you!
Don Wilson
Shout out to the best and quickest archery shop around Jonathan Brown at bone yard archery will hook you up with any of your archery needs
Chris Lawson