Women Class

A1: Clara Brown 

B1: Elaine Trettel

Top 4

Clara Brown, Jessica Smith, Elaine Trettel, Carrie Lawson

Hunter Class

A1: Lucas Westmoreland 

B1: Mike Botkin

C1: Luke Quinn 

Top 5

Lucas Westmoreland, Ethan Bolen, Josh Johnson, Mike Botkin, Cody Clodfelter 

Open Class

A1: Hayden Wicker

B1: Zac Moles

C1: Alex Thornton 

Top 5

Hayden Wicker, John Harding, Joe Trettel, Zac Moles, Evan Honeycutt

Unknown Class

A1: Justin Dull

Top 3

Justin Dull, Joe England, Richard Shields 


Please come Sunday April 16th for the Shoot Off, Awards and Dinner. Line goes hot at 4:00pm.

Thank you to all that participated and the support.