Women Class
1.Holly Hamrick (Flight A1 Winner)
2.Taylor Ardner
3.Carrie Lawton (Flight B1 Winner)
4.Tara Turner
Top 4 For the Shoot Up
1. Holly Hamrick 2. Taylor Ardner 3. Carrie Lawson 4. Tara Turner
Hunter Class
1.Ethan Bolen (Flight A1 Winner)
2.Nick Willard
3.Rob Stoltz
4.Jay Pope
5.James Scheer (Flight B1 Winner)
6.Kyle Goss
7.Gannon Pope
8.Crawford Dillon
9.Jacob Lashley (Flight C1 Winner)
10.Ed Scheer
11.Matt Willson
Top 5 For the Shoot Up
1.Ethan Bolen 2. Nick Willard 3. Rob Stoltz 4. Jay Pope 5. James Scheer
Open Class
1.Zac Mole (Flight A1 Winner)
2.Joel Tate
3.Joe England
4.Alex Thornton (Flight B1 Winner)
5.Austin Turner
6.David James
7.Ryan Orton (Flight C1 Winner)
8.Gary Hudson
Top 5 For the Shoot Up
1.Zac Moles 2. Joel Tate 3. Joe England 4. Alex Thornton 5. Austin Turner
Please come Sunday February 25th for the Shoot Off, Awards and Dinner. Line goes hot at 4:00pm. If you are not able to be here to shoot your spot in the shoot off, please let us know so that the next in line has an opportunity. We will eat after…
Thank you for your participation and as always, your support of Boneyard Archery.