Women Class
A1: Destiny Roth
B1: Jessica Smith
Top 4
Destiny Roth, April Harding, Jessica Smith, Carrie Lawson
Open Class
A1: Hayden Wicker
B1: Zac Moles
C1: Chris Martin
Top 5
Hayden Wicker, Dirk Kearns, Zach Hutcherson, Zac Moles, John Harding
Hunter Class
A1: Garrett Rireson
B1: Evan Honeycutt
Top 4
Garrett Rireson, Lucas Westmoreland, Evan Honeycutt, Nick Willard
Please come Sunday January 29th for the Shoot Off, Awards and Dinner. Line goes hot at 4:00pm. If you are not able to be here to shoot your spot in the shoot off, please let us know so that the next in line has an opportunity.
Thank you to all that participated and the support.